Engineered Wood Floor Installation

Most Professional Engineered Wood Floor Installers in Greater Davenport

Our flooring contractors at Hidder Flooring and Refinishing have the experience needed to successfully set up any kind of hardwood flooring, including engineered flooring

Engineered floor covering is man-made floor covering that imitates natural wood. However, regardless of it looking identical to wood, some individuals will still turn their noses up to the idea of having engineered wood installed. We are here to help you make the very best decision possible by providing you with the very best alternatives available to you. After learning all that you need to know, you may not be opposed to engineered hardwood flooring.

Why Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is made from hardwood and plywood. Natural hardwood is made from a strong piece of wood. The hardwood of any type is classic, which is why so many individuals prefer this type of flooring. Here is why you might want engineered flooring installed rather than natural wood.

  • You'll receive floor covering that looks like natural hardwood flooring, but for a lot less
  • Engineered hardwood provides high-performance and toughness
  • It can be installed in every grade level, which includes below ground with a moisture barrier in between it and the ground
  • Easy care and upkeep


Usually, engineered hardwood flooring is less costly than natural wood. Engineered wood flooring is approximately $2.50 per square foot (depending on the design); whereas, natural hardwood is roughly $4 per square foot (depending on the style). You're most likely thinking that the style is engineered when you begin to talk about the design of hardwood flooring. This is a kind of flooring, but the style refers to how it looks. Your engineered wood floorings might mimic oak, hickory, or maple wood. Some styles are more or less expensive, which is what will change the amount per square foot. We offer cost effective engineered hardwood flooring.

Qualified Flooring Contractors

The manner in which we install your engineered wood flooring is not the same as we install natural wood floors. However, in either case, considering that we just deal with skilled contractors, you can rest assured that the task will be done right. We just deal with the most qualified team of knowledgeable flooring professionals. This is why we offer such effective hardwood flooring installation services. Permit our qualified flooring contractors to perform the task for you when you are looking for hardwood flooring that you can be proud of. They have the skills and qualifications required to effectively perform the job.

Surefire Fulfillment!

We will take our time to make sure that you understand what your many flooring alternatives are when you get in touch with Hidder Flooring and Refinishing. The sky's- the limit when you start to talk about the range of hardwood flooring alternatives to select from. We desire you to make a smart choice, which is why we provide you such a big variety of options. Whether you desire the least costly or the most pricey engineered hardwood flooring installed, you can always depend on us to carry out the job for you. We proudly stand by our work and offer you guaranteed satisfaction.

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